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I lowered crime year-after-year as your Undersheriff and I’ll do it again as Sheriff. Compassion and transparency will be the foundation of my policing strategy and I’ll work with LVMPD’s finest to deepen our relationship with those we serve. Most importantly, I’ll provide the same strength in leadership that helped us overcome the many challenges our community has faced in recent years. Together, we’ll make Vegas Stronger and our neighborhoods safer than ever.


1. Employ effective crime fighting strategies to ensure the safety of our communities. 


LVMPD will become the most technologically-advanced police department in the United States. We will develop partnerships with companies and individuals to deploy advanced technologies that make our community safer. This will include the innovative and appropriate use of drone technology, DNA labs, weapon detection, and an expansion of our Real Time Crime Center—all aimed at enhancing our ability to reduce officer-involved-shootings and fight crime as a whole.


2. Build authentic police community relationships.


Developing relationships that are authentic in communities of color is fundamental to the success of LVMPD. The core foundation of my community policing strategies will start at recognizing that we are all human beings first and foremost. 


3. Develop global relationships and programs to enhance our homeland security and protect our tourism corridor.


Terrorist groups and their supporters remain intent on attacking the United States and killing Americans.  We will develop partnerships with international law enforcement agencies to bolster our ability to consume intelligence and ensure Las Vegas is not a target.  This will include intelligence gathering and information sharing on all threats to include homegrown violent extremists and those intent on harming others.


4. Work collaboratively to find solutions to homelessness, addiction and mental health issues in our community.


The Clark County Detention Center remains the largest mental health provider, homeless shelter and addiction treatment center in the State of Nevada.  We will work with public and private partners, as well as elected officials to find ways to be more effective in taking care of these populations in a humane way.


5. Create a Wellness Bureau at LVMPD to focus on the heart, mind, body and soul of our employees.


Cumulative trauma of our first responders is an issue that we will tackle head on. Taking care of our people so they can be effective at taking care of this community will be a priority. We will work with experts to find creative and meaningful solutions for our people to address the effects of trauma and improve their overall well-being. 


6. Create an effective community coalition to focus on eradicating human trafficking.


Human trafficking is the equivalent to modern day slavery and we owe it to these victims to develop a community wide strategy to finally make an impact on this horrific crime. 

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